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#1 in TV mounting since 2005 - Call 480-567-4502. All home theater installation for great prices with no sacrifice in quality. We have mounts for all size, brands and style's of LED, Plasma and LCD HDTV's. We recommend you don't buy mounts from stores and call us for the best mount for each individual TV for the best price. We have seen them all and many mounts just aren't suitable and are too little or too much. Thin-profile mounts don't work well on any TV sets but LED style. Most LED style TV have the plug-in's like HDMI and Optical on a position that accommodates a slim-profile mount. Most LCD & Plasma sets are made to fit these kind of mounts. Low-profile mounts are flat on the wall and do not tilt down, they are made to be like a picture. We do have mounts that are close the the wall that also tilt down that are made for Plasma, LCD & some of the thicker LED sets. You don't need to spend a lot of money on these mount that the big retailers love to mark-up like their HDMI cables. We also carry these on the truck in lengths of 10ft & longer for great prices. You almost always need longer HDMI & other cables when having a TV mounted. The standard 6ft length offered by Dish, DirecTV and in some cases Cox and other providers just don't allow much distance.

Our installations are thorough and done with years of expertise. Some jobs require more time to complete than others but the average TV mounting job takes about an hour. We have all kinds of TV mounts for all purposes. We have single-arm mounts that range in sizes to fit 19" sets all the way up to 60" LED TV's. Single-arm mounts allow the most versatility of any mount that is offerered on the market. Our single-arm mounts pull-out in ranges from 18 inches to over 2 feet. These mounts allow you to put the TV against the wall or pull-out and turn. In some cases, depending on the size of the TV and where it is mounted you can even turn the TV side-ways. If your TV is larger like a Plasma, LCD or larger LED, we have dual-arm mounts that allow the same functions as the single-arm but without as much versatility. We have mounts in all price ranges and even the lower-priced mounts work great for a vast majority of the population. Give us a call today and make and appointment and remember you save big on add' TV's mounted and multi-room discounts. You also save even more when we install equipment you have purchased from us.

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Save big on add'l TV's mounted and all additonal services, call 480-567-4502 today.

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